Bag : flexible packaging, generally made of paper or a composite, with gussets and a flat bottom. A bag may be glued or welded



Closing strips : iron wires (usually two of them) attached by plastic or kraft paper to form a band used to close glued or welded SOS bags and pouches

Composite : one type of material used in flexible packaging, for example bags and pouches. A composite is generally made up of films, which may be of several different materials (plastic, aluminium, paper) or all plastic

Custom substrate : one adapted to customers' needs



Flexible packaging : packaging made of flexible materials such as plastic films, aluminium films, or paper

Flexography : a printing process that uses a flexible relief plate



Hanging hole : hole made near the top of a bag or pouch for hanging from a shelf or a display rack



Labels : pieces of material - paper, plastic, or a composite -, often rectangular, affixed to packaging



Notches : small indentations on the sides to facilitate opening



Offset : process in which the content to be printed is transferred from four inked plates (one per colour, typically four - CMYK) to the substrate to be printed (paper, plastic)

One-way valve : small insert that helps preserve the aroma of coffee after roasting

OPP : oriented polypropylene



Packaging : the operation of enclosing something in a packaging material

PET : ethylene polyterephthalate

Photogravure : a process in which an image is transferred to a copper plate using a light-sensitive gelatin. This printing technique is especially well suited to very long runs when high-quality reproduction is required

PLA : polylactic acid, a bioplastic, a completely biodegradable polymer that can be made for example from cornstarch

Pouch : flexible packaging, generally made of a composite and welded. A pouch may have a gusseted bottom that enables it to stand upright. A pouch often has an opening and/or resealing feature (zip, cap, notch, etc.)



Semi-rigid packaging : packaging intermediate between rigid packaging (made, say, of glass) and flexible packaging (paper, film, etc.); cardboard is one of the materials used



ZIP : system of interlocking strips that allows repeated opening and closing